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During this uncertain time, it is a good idea to stock up on your cat’s food and medication. We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. Please call us with any questions or concerns.


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COVID-19 Updates & Protocols committed to keeping you safe and your cat happy and healthy.


Cat Doctors COVID-19 Protocols as of February 16, 2022:

As of February 16, 2022, we are inviting all clients fully back into our hospital and are no longer doing curbside. We missed you! However, in compliance with Cal/OSHA guidelines, as unvaccinated individuals are still required to wear masks indoors, WE STILL REQUIRE ALL CLIENTS TO WEAR MASKS. This is to keep all our staff and clients healthy and to treat all individuals equally without debate.

If you are exempted from wearing a mask for any of the outlined reasons from Cal/OSHA, please let us know.

If you are fully vaccinated (three total vaccines) and would like to provide proof of vaccines, we will be happy to keep a record, so you no longer have to wear masks. *Our staff is fully vaccinated*

If you would like to wait in your car while picking up medications or supplies, please call us, and we will bring items out to you.

Cat Doctors appreciates your cooperation, kindness, and understanding through this unprecedented time. We will not tolerate rude, argumentative, or threatening comments about our policies; as a small business, we are within the law to make our policies based on the guidelines set by the State of California.

Cat Doctors will be abiding by the following guidelines as per Cal/OSHA guidelines as of 2/16/22

Guidance for Businesses, Venue Operators, or Hosts:

In settings where masks are required only for unvaccinated individuals, businesses, venue operators, or hosts may choose to:

  • Provide information to all patrons, guests, and attendees regarding vaccination requirements and allow vaccinated individuals to self-attest that they are in compliance before entry.
  • Implement vaccine verification to determine whether individuals are required to wear a mask.
  • Require all patrons to wear masks.

No person can be prevented from wearing a mask as a condition of participation in an activity or entry into a business.

Exemptions to mask requirements. The following individuals are exempt from wearing masks at all times:

  • Persons younger than two years old. Very young children must not wear a mask because of the risk of suffocation.
  • Persons with a medical condition, mental health condition, or disability that prevents wearing a mask. This includes persons with a medical condition for whom wearing a mask could obstruct breathing or who is unconscious, incapacitated, or otherwise unable to remove a mask without assistance.
  • Persons who are hearing impaired, or communicating with a person who is hearing impaired, where the ability to see the mouth is essential for communication.
  • Persons for whom wearing a mask would create a risk to the person related to their work, as determined by local, state, or federal regulators or workplace safety guidelines

For the latest information, please visit the following websites:

Cat Doctors is excited to announce the opening of our ONLINE STORE!


In these unusual times, small businesses are struggling more than ever. Any purchase you make from our online store is buying directly from us without worry of counterfeit products or data mining of your information. If you are currently buying your food or medication from a large online retailer, please consider supporting your local small business and buying from us today. We have competitive pricing and product guarantees. Just click the link and hit “register”-it’s that easy!

Not all websites offering pet medications are safe or reputable. The FDA warns that some sites are fronts for businesses breaking Federal, State or International laws. These illegal pet pharmacies may be selling product that is misrepresented, expired, incorrectly labeled, or dangerous. Other websites may not secure your payment and other personal information, leaving you vulnerable to identity theft. To help protect your pet and provide you peace of mind, our practice offers. MyVetStoreOnline, an online store linked within our website. MyVetStoreOnline is backed by an accredited veterinary pharmacy, verified by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy.

Why use our online store? Stay SAFE
Keep your pets SAFE when purchasing pet medication online:

S tay away from websites without .pharmacy domain
A lways check for site accreditation.
F ollow your Veterinarian’s recommendations.
E ducate yourself about online pet pharmacies.

Order your cat’s medicine, food, and supplies 24/7, our online store is always open so you can stay at home.
TRUSTED, manufacturer guaranteed products.
CONVENIENT single dose delivery with no additional shipping cost for easydoseit! items.
AUTOMATIC deliveries of medications and diets. Never any additional shipping cost for diets.
FREE shipping on orders over $38. Excludes products requiring expedited shipping.
VALUE with competitive pricing.
SUPPORT available at (844) 654-6876.

Our Online Store is Now Open!

During this uncertain time, it is a good idea to stock up on your cat’s food and medication.
We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. Please call us with any questions or concerns.

Proud to be gold certified!

The Gold Certificate is presented to a practice that “has taken the optimum steps to become a Cat-Friendly Practice by creating a practice that values the feline patient’s distinct needs in both the physical environment of the practice and the way in which medical care is delivered.


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